Simply Aubrey Pt. 11

“I think I should leave.” Camille reached for her purse quickly.

“Oh, no! You are going to stay right here until I get some answers. What the hell is going on, Salim?” Aubrey’s eyes were wild and her fists were clenched. Anger boiled beneath her skin and she was ready to unleash havoc on her husband and his ex-fiancée. No words could express how she was feeling at this very moment. But she knew it wasn’t going to turn out good.

“Aubrey, calm down.” He moved towards his wife cautiously with his arms spread out in case Aubrey decided to pounce on Camille. He was scared. He feared what could possibly happen next and could only pray that it didn’t result in him losing his wife.

“Calm down? No. You tell me what the hell is going on now!” Aubrey threw her purse down. The contents of it spilled across the floor from the force.

“Aubrey, I simply came by to speak to Salim.” Camille finally found the courage to talk. She stood up straight and faced Aubrey.

            Salim’s heart dropped. That was the last thing that was needed. He knew all too well that Camille could be a snake. “Camille, leave.” He stated firmly.

            All of the emotions within Aubrey finally came to a head and she exploded. “I didn’t ask you to open your mouth, Camille. I was talking to my husband.”

            “I don’t need your permission.” Camille sucked her teeth. This was her first time meeting Salim’s wife. She was extremely attractive although she was mad. Camille smirked. She still had something that she didn’t; Salim’s firstborn son.

            Aubrey rushed to wrap her fingers around Camille’s slender neck to stop her airflow, but Salim was quicker and held her back. Aubrey kicked and screamed curses like a woman possessed by an evil spirit. Her husband held her tightly to keep her from causing bodily damage to Camille.

            “Get out now, Camille!” Salim barked.

            “We’ll talk soon, Salim.” She rolled her eyes at Aubrey and left the office.

            Aubrey spit out a few more curses before she eventually found Salim’s cheek with her fist. He released her from the shock and held his face. “This is what you do to me? This is how you treat the woman that has stood beside you even at your weakest moment? I am your wife!” Aubrey screamed as tears streamed down her face. The anger that burned within wasn’t greater than the hurt that ripped at her insides. “Of all the people you could’ve been caught with, you chose Camille; the same conniving bitch that left you to pursue her career years ago.”

            Salim was still rubbing his throbbing face. His wife could throw a punch like a professional boxer. “It was nothing. I wasn’t cheating. We were only talking.”

            “You were holding her, Salim!” Aubrey ran her hands through her hair roughly. She didn’t mean to hit her husband and she didn’t want to do it again.

            “She was crying.”

            “I don’t give a damn!” She yelled.

            Salim wanted to tell her the reason why Camille had been there but he knew that would only infuriate Aubrey more. He didn’t know what to say. He sat down and tried to gather his thoughts. They said nothing to each other for what seemed like an eternity. The silence was occasionally interrupted by Aubrey’s sobs.

            Aubrey was confused. She was full of mixed emotions. She didn’t know what to do. Salim couldn’t even spend time with his nephew, but he could disappear off to meet his ex and hold her. Was he having an affair? If so, how long had it been going on? Her cries shook her body uncontrollably and she dropped to the floor. She loved Salim more than the air she breathed and would do anything for him. Her loyalty had been repaid with betrayal. She rocked back and forth and placed her hands in her hair. It had been a habit since childhood. Whenever she was distraught she would massage her scalp with her fingers in staccato movements. She didn’t know what to do next. Should she stay and talk to her husband? Would she believe anything that came from his mouth?

            Salim hesitantly walked over to his wife. Nothing pained him more than to see her like this. He crouched beside her and wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. At first she struggled, but he wouldn’t loosen his grip. “I love you. Only you. I would never betray you.” He whispered into her ear. That only caused her to moan louder but she didn’t attempt to move away from his hold. Tears silently rolled down Salim’s face. They sat there rocking back and forth crying together. Salim would have lied if he said his wife was the sole reason for his tears. He had been harboring his emotions for months and his heart was beginning to ache.

            Aubrey inhaled deeply. She wanted to go home. Her body was exhausted from the emotional strain. She still loved Salim, and she wasn’t quite sure whether he was telling the truth about his meeting with Camille, but she knew she wasn’t leaving. At least, not yet. She wiped her face roughly with her palms and aggressively maneuvered herself from her husband’s grasp. He said nothing as she slowly rose to her feet and straightened the hem of her skirt. She calmly picked up her purse and replaced its spilled contents. After a quick glance around Salim’s office, she inhaled again. She straightened her poise and looked at her husband. He was sitting on the floor with his face damp from crying. His look was saddened and resembled a puppy dog. Aubrey fixed her gaze on his eyes. “I’m going home. You might want to pick up something to eat on your way.” She stated stiffly.

            “Okay. I’ll be home once I straighten up here.” Salim bowed his head.

            Aubrey said nothing as she turned and left.

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While You Were Waiting…

Hello, readers. I apologize the installments of Simply Aubrey have been inconsistent lately. There has been a lot going on in my personal life. I promise Part 11 will be posted this coming Sunday. I appreciate and love you for all of your support.

Yours truly,

Miss Jill

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Simply Aubrey Pt. 10

Aubrey glanced at her watch and frowned. It was well after noon and Salim still wasn’t home. After breakfast, Jaime had headed to the park with Ryan and Aubrey to fly kites. Afterwards, they stopped at an ice-cream parlor for banana splits. The day had begun with smiles and giggles. But as Aubrey pulled into her driveway, her heart saddened and she felt sick to her stomach. Where was her husband? Their marriage had already been estranged prior to the death of Phillip. But it seemed like he had become a complete stranger. It was such a cliché but she really felt as if she was sleeping with a stranger. She sighed and exited the car. She put in a Disney movie for Ryan. She knew it would only be a few minutes before he fell asleep. He was already yawning. Aubrey was so stressed she felt as if she needed an afternoon nap as well. Instead, Jaime joined her in the living room where she poured them both a glass of pinot grigio.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” Jaime took a small sip of wine and gently placed her glass on the table.

“Nothing.” Aubrey lied. She sipped her wine and ran her fingers through her hair nervously.

“Aubrey, I have known you forever. I know when there is something wrong with you.”

She was right. “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, Jaime. He’s never home anymore. I’m pretty much raising Ryan by myself! I thought having Ryan would bring us closer.” Aubrey continued to drink.

“Who said you were doing anything wrong?”

“No one. “

“Honey, you are doing nothing wrong. You and Salim are just going through a rough patch in your marriage that is all.”

“Do you think he’s cheating on me?” Aubrey blurted. She didn’t want an answer. Or maybe she did want her friend’s opinion.

Jaime’s eyes widened and she took another sip of wine. “No! I don’t think he is. I believe he’s just having a hard time adjusting to everything.”

She nodded her head. Maybe she was right. She continued to drink until the glass was empty.

“Maybe you should tell him how you feel.”

“How? He’s never here.”

“Go to him! Put your foot down and tell him you need to talk.”

Aubrey wiped the tears from her face. It was time to quit the pity party and attempt to save her marriage. “I will.”

“Matter fact, Ryan is sleep. I think I can handle one slumbering child on my own.” Jaime smiled. “Go, surprise Salim now. I’ll watch Ryan.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Don’t take all day! Babysitting is not my thing.” She laughed.

“Okay.” Aubrey rose from the table and raced up the stairs. She missed her husband and she would do anything within her power to get him back.

She looked over herself once more as she exited her car. She had decided to wear a simple sundress and flat sandals. She grinned. Arguments were bound to end with a little lovemaking. She even picked them up a couple sandwiches from the nearby diner. As she walked through the parking lot, she noticed a car she had never seen before. She stopped abruptly. It was a bright, red Mercedes Benz parked in the visitors’ parking. Butterflies swarmed in her abdomen and her knees became weak. Who was there with Salim and what were they doing? She stood there for what seemed like an eternity. She didn’t want to walk in on her husband having an affair. But how was she so sure he was having one? She wanted to jump in her car and drive back home. She wanted to lie in her bed and cry. Aubrey couldn’t move. Her heart wouldn’t let her leave and her common sense wouldn’t allow her to enter that building. Maybe she was overreacting. The car could possibly belong to a man. Her husband was most likely meeting with a sponsor about an upcoming event. She sighed. She was standing there looking like a complete fool about to have an anxiety attack for nothing. Salim loved her more than anything and he would never jeopardize their marriage. She shrugged and walked towards the building with their lunch in hand.

“I want a paternity test.” Salim firmly stated.

“Of course.”

“I’m serious, Camille. I want it done first thing Monday morning.”

She slanted her eyes. She didn’t appreciate him barking orders at her. “I have a few things I need to attend to Monday morning.”

“I don’t give a damn. Make time to get him to the clinic at this address.” He handed Camille a business card to a clinic that sponsored the center.

“Salim, you don’t have to talk to me in that manner.” She stood to her feet. “Yes, I kept you from your son, but you will not sit there and talk to me however you feel.” Tears formed in her eyes.

He had once loved and adored this woman standing in front of him. She was possibly the mother of his child. How could he make such a stunning woman cry? How could he speak down on a woman he had once called his Queen? He relaxed his broad shoulders. “I’m sorry.”

“No. Perhaps, this was a mistake. I never wanted to tell you, but I felt as if Shariq deserved to know who his father is.” She placed her face in her palms and wept.

Salim stood from his chair and walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t say that. I’m glad you told me.” He rubbed her back as she shed tears on his chest.

“I’m so sorry for what I did to you.” She moaned.

“It’s okay. That was years ago, Camille.” He continued to hold her gently.

“I thought you hated me. That’s why I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“I could never hate you.”

Aubrey stood there quietly. The door to Salim’s office had been left ajar. She listened to the voices on the other side. She heard a woman’s voice and muffled noises. She couldn’t distinguish who the woman’s voice belonged to. But she was ready to find out. Anger boiled under her fair skin and her fists balled. She swung open her husband’s office door. He was standing there with another woman in his arms. Her faced was buried in his chest. He was the first to notice Aubrey’s presence.

“Baby.” He stuttered as he released the woman.

The woman looked in Aubrey’s direction shocked. Aubrey had never met this woman but had seen pictures of her. She was more gorgeous than the photographs portrayed. What was she doing here? Aubrey threw their bag of turkey sandwiches and aimed it at Salim’s head. He was so shaken he couldn’t even dodge what was coming in his direction. The bag smacked him in his face.

“What the hell is Camille doing here?” Aubrey roared.

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Simply Aubrey Pt. 9

Salim sat at his desk wondering what his wife and nephew were doing. After an incredible night with Aubrey, he had every intention to change his ways. But here he was sitting at his desk on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and cold, wheat toast. He rubbed his head roughly. He was mentally fatigued. It seemed since the death of his brother the series of events in his life were going by extremely fast. He couldn’t keep up with everything that was happening. In a matter of days, he had buried his brother and became the caregiver of his nephew, Ryan. Now, he was staring at pictures of Shariq Scott. He had recently been enrolled in his afterschool program. He had never actually spoken to the child.  Salim was rarely involved with the children on a regular basis he was too busy taking care of the many duties it took to keep his business afloat. But he was examining this picture of the seven year old boy for reasons unrelated to business. Shariq had bright, hazel eyes and dimples. He looked like a smart, well-behaved kid. He sighed heavily. The voicemail message left on his business line played in his mind on repeat. Although he had deleted the message as soon as it ended, he remembered every single word verbatim and the sound of her voice. Her voice made his skin crawl and goosebumps rise on his forearms. The sound of her melodic voice brought back memories. Memories he didn’t mind reliving mentally. He felt guilty for even sitting there reminiscing. He was committing adultery in his thoughts. He loved Aubrey but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her everything that was troubling his heart.

There was a knock on his door.

He inhaled deeply as she opened his door slowly and entered his office. It was if she were moving in slow motion. The way she entered his office was graceful and flawless. His heart dropped. Camille Scott was standing in front of him wearing a jean vest over a screen tee, and jeans that looked as they had been painted on her shapely legs.  Her curly hair covered with a beret fell to her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled as she caught his gaze. Salim was stunned. He hadn’t remembered Camille looking this beautiful when they had ended their engagement seven years ago. She smiled at him and her dimples made him lose his train of thought. Damn this woman. She still had a hold over his heart. His eyes quickly diverted to the framed picture of Aubrey on his desk. His wife would kill him if she found out he was with Camille alone. The fact that he hadn’t told his love about this meeting was enough to break her heart. He regained composure. He stood and gave her a quick hug.

“Hi, Camille.” He motioned for her to sit in the chair in front of his desk.

“Hi, Salim.” She sat and looked around his office. She didn’t even flinch when she saw the large wedding portrait of Aubrey and Salim on the wall. She smirked. She had something Aubrey didn’t and she was going to finally prove that to Salim.

“How have you been?”

“I’ve been well. I’m booked for a few photo shoots in town for the next month or so. How are you?” Camille was a successful model and stylist. Her busy career had been one of the major reasons their relationship had failed.

“I’m good.” He was becoming nervous and irritable. He felt like Camille was up to something. She was conniving. Yes, she was beautiful but devious. “I got your message.”

Her smile faded quickly. “Yes.” It was her turn to be uneasy. She wasn’t sure how Salim would react. Their breakup had been very bad to say the least. She had chosen her career over a lifetime with him. “I figured since I was here doing some work I would bring Shariq to meet his father.”

“But why would you wait until now?” When Salim had played the message, all types of emotions had been evoked. He was confused, enraged, and hurt. His ex-fiancée, Camille, had returned to inform him that they had a son. She was four months pregnant when she had decided to pack her bags and leave her engagement ring on their nightstand. Originally, she had intentions of aborting the pregnancy, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. By the time she had made up her mind, it had been too late. She had broken Salim’s heart and he had moved and changed all of his contact information.

“I don’t know. I guess it was fear. I didn’t know how you would react.” Tears began to well in her eyes.

“It’s been seven years, Camille!” Salim raised his voice.

She lowered her head ashamed. “I know, Salim. I was wrong.”

He shook his head. That’s all she could say to him? He rubbed his head and tried to gather his thoughts. Everything was spinning. How was he going to tell Aubrey about Camille birthing his first son? His barren wife would be crushed. No. He was not going to tell Aubrey anything until a paternity test was taken. He inhaled deeply choosing his next words carefully. “I’m disappointed you would keep this kind of information from me. You and I having a child is greater than what was going on between us at that time. Regardless of what happened to our relationship, I would have taken care of my son.” As soon as those words escaped his mouth, Ryan came to mind. His nephew had been in his home nearly a month and he had been absent from that young boy’s life. He felt horrible.

“I know you would have. I know you would be a great father. I’m sorry it took me this long to tell you, but it’s better late than never, right?” Camille offered with tears running down her bronze cheeks.

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Simply Aubrey Pt. 8

Aubrey opened her eyes and looked over at her husband’s pillow. He was gone. His side of the bed was cold. She sighed. Nothing had changed. She turned over and glanced at her clock. It was seven in the morning. Aubrey rolled her eyes. It was Saturday. Why couldn’t he just take one day off and spend time with his family? A single tear escaped the corner of her eye and slid down her face. Anger and disgust rose into her chest. She was not going to allow this to continue another day. It had been almost a month since Phillip’s funeral. Maybe he wanted to leave her. The thought stealthfully forced its way into her mind. No, Salim would never do such a thing. Aubrey embraced herself as if she were cold. Did she honestly believe her husband wouldn’t leave her? Men do leave their wives. No. She was not going to let that damned idea take control of her. She quickly removed the sheets from her bare body and got out of the bed. Breakfast needed to be made for Ryan. She definitely needed a distraction and she needed it now.

As she mixed pancake batter and began to fry potatoes, her doorbell rang. Her best friend for over a decade, Jaime Graham, had come to spend the day with Aubrey and Ryan. Aubrey had completely forgotten about their plans. She greeted her friend with a bright smile. She was ecstatic. Jaime would keep her mind from wandering. She followed Aubrey into the kitchen and sat at the table. Aubrey attended to her potatoes on the stove.

Jaime was tall and slender. Her hair was auburn and she wore it in a pixie cut. It complimented her golden brown, oval face. Her almond-shaped eyes were hazel. She was every sense of the word beautiful. She was extremely smart and determined. She owned a small boutique in the city and modeled from time to time. Aubrey and Jaime were raised in the same neighborhood and even attended college together. There was nothing that could destroy their friendship.

“Where’s Salim?” Jaime searched around the room with her eyes.

Aubrey shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess he’s at the office.” She tried to sound unconcerned but her friend knew better.

“Oh. He’s working on a Saturday?”

 “Yes, Jaime.” She bit her bottom lip. Her frustration seeped from her lips.

“He has always had a passion for kids. I commend him.”

Aubrey desperately wanted to change the subject. She felt her emotions getting the best of her as she continued to whip the pancake batter roughly. “So, how did your date go last night?”

It was Jaime’s turn to roll her eyes. “Girl, I’m done with dating these men. Don’t get me wrong! I love the free meals, movies, and shows. But I always seem to find something wrong with them.”

Aubrey sighed. She loved Jaime very much but she feared her best friend would never get married.

“For instance, the guy last night was sexy. I’m even going to say he looked delicious. But Aubrey, he has the worst table manners ever!”

Aubrey burst into laughter. “What did he do?”

“Number one: he eats like a hyena. He chews with his mouth wide open, and he even had the audacity to blow his nose at the damn table!”

They both laughed until tears formed in their eyes.

“Yes! I’m done.”

“Did he at least have a nice personality?” Aubrey was still moving around in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her nephew and best friend. Unfortunately, Jaime didn’t know how to cook. She wasn’t even trusted to pop popcorn in the microwave.

“The vision of his chewed steak and vegetables, and the sound of snot being blown into his napkin overshadowed his personality and looks.” They continued to laugh and talk while Aubrey finished cooking.

Ryan finally appeared just as she was scrambling eggs. Jaime was munching on a fresh salmon cake. The ladies greeted him warmly. He still needed a little more time to get familiar with Aunt Jaime but he spoke. He walked over to Aubrey and hugged her waist. She kissed his forehead and asked him if he had brushed his teeth. He nodded. She told him cartoons were on in the den and breakfast was almost ready. He smiled and ran off in his Spiderman pajamas and slippers.

“Check you out!” Jaime beamed. “You are such a natural.”

Aubrey blushed. “You think so?”

“Yes, girl. If I didn’t know any better, I would think Ryan was your son.”

Aubrey smiled.

“So, you and Salim have signed adoption papers, right?”

“No.” She shook her head. She had thought about it, but Salim was never around for them to sit down and have a serious conversation about it.

“I’m only looking out for your best interest. You are here raising that boy, and building this bond with him and his mother could easily come and take him away. I know for a fact you would be crushed if that were to happen. And Salim may not be around much, and he may not say anything, but he would be devastated, too.” Jaime couldn’t be any more right.

Aubrey simply nodded her head. She didn’t want to think about losing Ryan, but she knew they needed to be proactive.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to rain on your parade.” Jaime frowned.

“No, you’re right. Salim and I haven’t spoken about it.” They hadn’t spoken about anything in days. She felt herself sadden. What would she do if she lost Ryan? Or Salim? She knew she wouldn’t be able to bear it. The sound of Ryan’s laughter in the next room brought her out of her hole of despair and placed a smile on her face. She yelled that breakfast was ready and told Ryan to wash his hands. She heard his slippered feet scurry across the hardwood floors.

“I’m so hungry!” Jaime stood up from the table and grabbed a plate. She knew she had upset her best friend, but she hadn’t meant to.

Aubrey laughed and rolled her eyes. “For someone that is always hungry, you would think you would learn how to cook.”

Jaime stopped. “Why would I do that when I have you?”

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Simply Aubrey Pt. 7

It had been a few weeks and Salim and Aubrey were still getting used to having a child in their home and life. Helping with Ryan’s homework and transporting him to and from school had been added to Aubrey’s list of daily duties. She didn’t mind at all. Aubrey enjoyed the fact that she no longer had to eat dinner alone. Ryan still didn’t say much but at least he was there. Salim’s workdays seemed to get longer. Aubrey sensed that he was still upset about the death of Phillip. Their conversations were short and he no longer held her at night as they slumbered. He had replaced her with an oversized pillow. When they made love it was unexpected and rough just as it had been the morning Phillip’s body had been identified. Aubrey’s heart was slowly being swallowed by uncertainty and anguish. She loved her husband dearly and she wanted to help him but she didn’t know where to begin. She figured she would give him space and eventually he would come to her when he was ready. She was thankful for Ryan because he kept her preoccupied. She had always wondered what life would be like with a child. It was everything she expected yet nothing like she desired. She had always envisioned dinners filled with laughter and chatter, and weekends in theme parks and movie theaters. Instead, it was simply her and Ryan. Salim was always conveniently busy at work. It seemed as if his work with the youth was more important than spending time with his wife and nephew. Aubrey did all the things she enjoyed doing with her father with Ryan to make up for his uncle’s absence. She took him fishing or to the local park on the weekends. Saturday nights were spent watching rented movies and eating popcorn and candy. Aubrey had grown fond of Ryan. He was beginning to open up to her and speak more but only when they were alone. They had an unexplainable bond. A bond Aubrey had been craving since the day she and her love had tried to conceive a child.

Salim pulled into the driveway of his home and stared. The curtains were closed and the lights were off. He sighed and rubbed his fingers through his hair. He was fully aware he had been emotionally and physically distant from his wife. He didn’t intend to hurt Aubrey. Every day that had passed since his brother’s death he had been enduring a civil war within himself. He blamed himself for Phillip’s demise. And every time he looked into Ryan’s face he felt he had not only failed his brother but also his nephew. Yes, he was now the young boy’s caregiver but he could never replace his biological father. Had he had been there for Phillip, he would be here now to take care of his son. Salim knew of Brittney’s cocaine addiction and her abandoning Ryan was not a surprise. He never said a word, but he was proud and admired how his love had stepped forward and took care of Ryan as if he were her own. Some nights he listened to her leave their bed to check on him. He heard their whispers. He was too consumed with his job and his inner demons to even hold his wife at night. He didn’t get much sleep. He would lay there hugging a damned pillow thinking of his brother and what he should have done. Visions of his brother’s cold, lifeless body on the morgue table haunted him. He felt like a complete failure. How could he explain to his wife that not only had he failed his only brother, but also his nephew and mother? Yes, their mother had been deceased for years, but he knew his mother would have expected him to have Phillip’s back regardless of the circumstances. His head jerked as the light in his bedroom lit up the closed curtains. Aubrey was awake. Most likely she was searching for him. He sighed again. He loved that woman beyond measure but he felt less of a man. He knew she would never force him to speak to her about his inner turmoil. But he knew if he continued to ignore her, he would only hurt her more. He grabbed his briefcase and exited his car. He entered their home. It was silent. He didn’t turn on any lights. He quietly sat his briefcase in their den and headed up the stairs in the dark. He headed up the stairs and inhaled deeply before he entered their bedroom. Aubrey wasn’t there but the light was on. A confused look covered his face as he searched the room with his eyes. The bathroom light was off so she wasn’t there. He undid his tie and sat on the edge of his bed. He knew his wife was not far. Seconds turned into minutes, and after thirty minutes and no sign of Aubrey he called her name. No answer. He didn’t want to yell too loud for fear he may awake Ryan. He shook his head. His wife didn’t believe in not sleeping in the same bed regardless of disagreements. One time she wept when he attempted to sleep in their guest room after a big fight. She would be back. Salim proceeded to remove his clothes and get ready for bed.

Just as he was about to turn off the lights, Aubrey appeared. She was wearing a satin robe. It was open and revealed the deep purple lace lingerie she was wearing. She looked at her husband without saying a word. She didn’t crack a smile. She simply stood there and looked into her husband’s eyes. Salim’s heartbeat quickened. She looked stunning even with her hair tied up in her silk scarf. Aubrey proceeded to walk towards Salim barefoot. He didn’t move. He watched his wife move in awe. This was the beautiful woman he had decided to share his life with. This was the woman that he refused to embrace at night. Any other man in his right mind would call Salim foolish. She touched his cheek gently.

“Hi, Salim. Are you okay?”She spoke softly.

He inhaled her scent. She smelled of her soft perfume and merlot. She had been drinking. For a moment, he wondered why he hadn’t noticed the kitchen light on. But his thoughts were interrupted by her lips on his own. She tasted warm and bittersweet. She didn’t allow him to answer her question. She continued to kiss her love and he gently removed her robe. All of his worries seemed to disappear. He only wanted to give his love the attention she had desired. He touched her buttermilk smooth skin softly. She moaned in their kiss. He grabbed the nape of her neck firmly. He never wanted Aubrey to stop kissing him.

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Heartache, Rainbows, and Fears

I actually wrote this poem this week. I can’t explain with words exactly how I was feeling at that particular moment.

Love Kills

Starlight and amber streetlights

Lit up the dismal highways of my life

Not knowing exactly when it would all end

Just running some crazed marathon not expecting to win

Cold, wet pavement and dark, cloudy skies

Surrounded everything visible to the eyes

Heavy breathing and tight air pipes

Death gripped the lungs tight

Tears and sweat soaked the outerwear

Bare feet pounding the cement without a care

No end in sight, just infinity

Such a bleak sight to see

Pain ripped through the muscles and joints

Knuckles bleeding from crawling unable to point

Raindrops smaller than the tears that poured

Fell from the darkened sky and still lacked a cure

To the heated face and soul that continued on

Staccato movements off beat to saddened songs

Grey clouds floated in front of the face

Disregarded by the vision of a determined pace

Love had to be on the other side of night

Inner peace just had to be equated with light

Litter cut into the soles of their bare feet

No pain could be greater than defeat

Finally death gripped their physical and soul

There was no escaping the ferocious hold

The end had come and well before sunrise

Nothing left but to unleash satanic-like cries

Screams went unheard muffled by death

After running for so long no fight was left

For more poetry, go to the Inside These Padded Walls page or click

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